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Bobby Franklin: Bio

Bobby Franklin

With the current surge of interest in old school music in this new age and new century. Bobby Franklin decided to re-create, re-activate and re-invigorate his musical concept of Bobby Franklin Insanity, which was originally established in 1969, with his first hit recording “Bring It On Down 2 Me” produced by Curtis Mayfield on the Curtom Label. Bobby Franklin’s Insanity is his undying love and commitment to the music because he is truly “KRAZY BOUT THE MUSIC”. He plays all of the instruments in the rhythm section. Guitar, drums, vibes, keyboard and bass. In fact, when he performs as a single, he sings and plays along with sequenced music arranged and performed by him. He is sometimes known as “The 1 Man Band”. A Veteran of the music industry, Bobby is a seasoned studio musician playing on many “Gold” and “Platinum” recording sessions, including “Wide Receiver”, with Michael Henderson, Gospel Gold on “Keeps On Doing Great Things for Me”, Tessie Hill, and did the actual demo with Ed Robinson for the Dramatics platinum selling “Shake It Well”. Bobby has toured with major artist and groups like Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions, The Floaters, and The Drifters. Bobby has also worked with a countless number of singers, bands, songwriters and record producers and has released a new original CD entitled Mr. Insanity on the Worldnet Music Records Label. In addition, "Bring It On Down" has been sampled by rapper MED on the Peanut Butter Wolf CD, "B-Ball Zombie War" on Stones Throw Records which has propelled the song into an up and coming movie entitled "Ball Don't Lie". Through the years Bobby has developed a unique vocal style where he blends (3) different signature vocal sounds starting with (1) his natural voice a bluesy – Ballsy baritone with flavors of Lou Rawls, Barry White and old blue eyes, Frank Sinatra. Also, (2) a soft smooth soulful falsetto voice like Curtis Mayfield (his mentor), Eddie Kendricks and Smokey Robinson both legends of the Motown Sound and finally (3) a killer monotone voice like Hendrix, Dylan, Jagger and many other rockers and rappers, who are raw and real. Bobby Does play several different instruments but his primary ones are drums, guitar and vibes. Drums is Bobby’s original instrument. He started playing drums at the age of three. He learned to play drums from his father who was a great jazz drummer in the 50’s & 60’s. Bobby continued to play drums and has played in every type of music venue, from the U.S. Navy Band to making gold records in the studio. His style of drumming is a combination of Motown Funk, Detroit Rock, and hard driving Jazz. His guitar influences are many from BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Curtis Mayfield and many other greats; too many to mention. On the vibes his style is smooth and jazzy a mixture of Milt Jackson, Lionel Hampton and Roy Ayers. The combination of all these music masters contribute to Bobby’s original and authentic expert interpretations where you get more than expected because Bobby puts his own personal touch to every song and arrangement that he performs and makes his connection with the audience through his music and we all know Bobby is … ……………………………….”KRAZY BOUT THE MUSIC.”

Bobby Franklin's Insanity (Song List)

1. Song 4 My Father
2. Comin Home Baby
3. Sunflower
4. Masquerade is Over
5. Save Your Luv 4 Me
6. Misty
7. Livin 4 The Luv
8. What A Difference a Day Makes
9. Shadow of Your Smile
10. I Believe I Can Fly
11. Let’s Stay Together
12. Get Me High
13. Let It Flow
14. Ooohh Baby Baby
15. Inner City Blues
16. Killing Me Softly
17. Sexual Healing
18. What’s Love Got To Do With It
19. The Way

1. When I Fall In Love
2. Moon River
3. The Way We Were
4. All The Way
5. Christmas Song
6. After The Lovin
7. Yesterday
8. Autumn Leaves
9. You And Me Wanted It All
10. Always On My Mind
11. Wind Beneath My Wings
12. Summertime

1. Let Me Stand Next 2 Yo Fire
2. Long Tall Sally
3. Foxy Lady
4. I’m On Fire
5. Watch Tower
(a) Johnny B. Good
(b) Tutti Fruitti
(c) Jumpin Jack Flash
7. Gimme Sum Luvin
8. Hey Joe
9. Hound Dog
10. Honky Tonk Woman

1. Let It Whip
2. Feels Good
3. Super Freak
4. Early In The Morning
5. Practice What Cha Preach
6. Lady/One in A Million Medley
7. Straighten It Out
8. U Send Me
a) On Broadway
b) Up On The Roof
c) Under the Boardwalk
d) Dance With Me
e) I Count The Tears
f) There Goes My Baby
10. I’m So Proud
11. I Feel Good
12. You’re Gonna Miss My Lovin
13. Getting Ready
14. Mustang Sally/Midnite Hour Medley
15. Let It Whip
16. Pride and Joy/ How Sweet it is Medley
17. Just My Imagination
18. The Way you do the Things You Do
19. My Eyes Don’t Cry
20. I Want
21. Medley Supreme

1. Your Woman Is Cheating On Us
2. Outskirts of Town
3. I Just Wanna Make Luv 2 You
4. Sweet Home Chicago
5. Kansas City
6. Red House
7. Rock Me Baby
8. Thrill Is Gone
9. Last 2 Dollars
10. Good Love
11. Give Me A Reason
a) Sweet Little Angel
b) My Own Fault
c) Sweet 16
13. Everyday I Have The Blues
a) Honky Tonk
b) Steppin Out Steppin In
c) Down Home Blues

1. Get Up Stand Up
2. I Shot The Sheriff

1. All Praises 2 The Creator
2. Bring It On Down 2 Me (2K6)
3. Nu-America
4. Don’t Drop Da Bomb
5. Fools Paradise
6. F4DW (Freedom 4 Da Wurld)
7. Booty ‘N’ Da House
8. Sweeter Love

- Bobby Franklin